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Monday, May 16, 2011

Doldrums Of Multiple Sclerosis, The Solitude Of Spirit

I used to worry about if the world would miss me when I was gone, would I have made enough of an impact on it whilst I was here. Over 14 years home, not so worried about that anymore as I am the world knowing I'm still here. Not talking anymore about the whole wide world, are they going to build monuments and statues. Talking about the people that know me, will they know I'm still here when I hit 20 years in captivity? Will people that I've known for years ask if I'm still alive, or will they know, one way or the other? My biggest fear now is that I've become one of those people what others say, I didn't know he passed away, or one that goes weeks unnoticed in their rooms. I miss being viable, being accountable, being me.


karen said...

--staying connected is a daily struggle for me, and some days (or weeks) it seems not worth the effort. No tips, advice, answers, just saying I get it.

Muffie said...

I think from various things you've written, not only will people know you're gone, but they'll greatly mourn your absence!!

awb said...

Karen - I'd like to say we all figure it out i our way, but not sure we do?

Muff - Thanks, just in a mood.