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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bowling In Reno, Laundry For The Homeless

The boy leaves for Reno tomorrow for a bowling tournament, all by his lonesome. The wife said she hopes he has a good time. Hopes he has a good time, really? He's 19 years old, going to Reno, to do something he loves. His little ass better have a good time! When I was 19 I didn't have any direction at all, or any money to do anything like a trip. He's going with a bunch of old guys, some almost my age, and not all of them drinkers, so he's in good hands. Drinking is the wife's big concern, I told her he'll be fine, Wednesdays are known more for hookers!

Got the OK at an outreach meeting at church today, doing a laundry day for the homeless dudes this coming Monday. Found out whilst talking to them, a lot of ties they wear things until they either fall apart, or are so dirty it's easier to just throw them away. When they are to the point of being worn out, they get new, but that's all easier said than done. Like us, homeless people feel better when they are clean, and when their things are clean. This is just a small thing I can do, hope it helps them.


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

Yes I hope the Reno trip is fun too. I so feel for the homeless, happy that you are helping them

awb said...

Kim - They are an interesting group, nice to have the opportunity to help.


Muffie said...

You're such an inspiration -- even in your pain, you reach out to help others! Thank you.