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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Church Garden In The Ground, And No Experimental MS Therapies For Me!

We got the garden rolling today, it's going to be great! Went and got a truckload of topsoil to add, already added compost. The garden is at the back of the parking lot, backs up to some pretty nice townhomes. A young couple came over and started asking questions, before we knew what happened the guy was up in the truck blasting out dirt like a steam shovel! We got everything planted and even used their hose to give it the first soaking. The 2 members from church did an incredible amount of work too, probably had to do with the leadership I showed from my lawn chair.

Who can tell me something about CCSVI? Anybody know anyone who's had it? The mother knows a gal, who knows a guy, who saw something about it, on some show, but that's about it? My central nervous system has a blood supply? Is this procedure just angioplasty? Why is there so much controversy around each one of the "cures" for MS? LDN, Bee sting, dental Amalgam. Why can't they just make it work? My mechanic can fix my car, the plumber the pipes. I refuse to take anything else, or get any worse until they fix this! Who's with me?

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Muffie said...

Your church garden sounds great. Too bad more church members didn't come to help. It's that way everywhere, I think.
CCSVI is receiving a great deal of attention, and there seems to be a lot of infighting about it. I've read about people who gained a great deal from it, but others didn't change at all. I would just like to be more assured of the results before I undergo the procedure.