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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Center For Pain Management, and Lottery To See Who Gets To Drive Me

Spinal injection today, they are doing the other side, can't wait! The Spine Center is my injector of choice, been with them a long time and the wife does their marketing. So far they've done a great job, and that's where my loyalties are! One more of these and I think I'm having a rhizotomy, something the father had 30 some years ago, said it was the most painful thing he ever endured. Good thing is that was 30 years ago, it's painless now, right? I want the doc to just do a spine-ectomy, take the part out that hurts, or kill it, simple enough, right?

The wife can't take me for my injection today, she is choosing to work over taking care of me, I see where this is going! This is like the time I had chemotherapy and she took the kids to Ocean City, MD. Me laying there in that cold, dark, damp, dungeon like facility while she cavorted on the beach with the cabana boys. Luckily I have an unlimited supply of very close, very dear friends who just simply adore me! OK, I actually do have a lot of people who would do things for me, but today it's just one, and she got the short straw, so I must try to be on my best behavior, though that is almost impossible for me.


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I do hope the pain goes away? That is funny, the lottery of who takes you

awb said...

Kim - Me too, no fun on top of that other thing! I'm like the ugly kid who nobody wants to play with.