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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Road Wash Out, and Weather Related Crop Damage

Man did it rain today! Went up for my spine injections, they went well, thanks, but the rain was unbelievable! My friend took me, the wife was disinterested, and the ride home was a true adventure. The road in front of us washed out, a lot of debris, a lot water, all from a little babbling brook you wouldn't even know was there, until today.

With all this rain we've had, some of my plants have taken a beating, especially the things I grew from seed and transplanted. My bag tomatoes took a real hit, may need to replace them with plants from Richardson's farm. Need to go up and check the church garden, they were nice sturdy plants, don't expect any problems. Why are the plants I grew from seed in my basement not as strong, they all had little, spindly stems? I think next year I will sow the seeds right into the ground, cut out the middle man.

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