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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Homelessness In Eastern Baltimore County

Worked for a few days getting a housing voucher squared away for one of the guys from the shelter. I think it's $340 a month, supposed to be a subsidy, most of the guys it still won't be enough to make a difference. We need to develop micro housing structures, almost like bringing back the old boarding houses. The folks would have their own small room, enough space for a bed and their things, a common room and dining hall. Problem is it's not a money maker so therefore unlikely to happen. Still working on county officials, trying to get them to donate property and trailers to house the men, not much luck yet.

Had a friend ask me why, oh all the things I could have done, why did I pick the shelter as the place to spend my energy? Good question. Never been homeless, never been close really. always had a job, so I don't connect on that level. Definitely don't think I'm better than they are, so why? What I came up with surprised me, didn't know I had such Zen thoughts. It really doesn't have a whole lot to do with them. I'm doing this because it is how I think things should be, and I can do it. I can't fix the economy, can't save the rain forest, but I could see to it that 16 men had a warm meal 3 nights a month for 7 months. I got a few things done for a few of these 16 men, not all of them. Didn't put an end to homelessness, but I tried to make things a bit better for the 16 I knew.


Muffie said...

Andy, You've done a wonderful thing in trying to help these poor souls. I, too, wish we could end the homelessness in our country. Thank you for being such a great person.

awb said...

Muff - Thanks, it feels good doing something for others, makes you want to do more.


Diane J Standiford said...

Oh, yeah, man, that is what life is all about, no Zen about it, just common humanity and get-off-your-buttness!! GREAT IDEA. and a RIGHT ON! If we all just...

awb said...

Diane - If I had all the answers I'd of started google, but it gives me reason to countermand my buttness, a word I will be stealing by the way!