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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Back Pain Is, Well Back, And Mens Shelter To Close

It's been a madhouse around here! How can a guy that doesn't work be so busy? Not sure I've actually been doing anything, but for putting my dentist and pain management doctors children through school. Back back to being horrid! Back back, I know, take a minute. Had a triple spinal injection yesterday, something called a lumbar facet joint injection. So far so good. Have another of those on the other side next week.

The shelter I have been working with is closing this Saturday, very sad. Of the 16 men from the shelter only one has left with housing, looking more and more like the others are out of time. For them most will return to the camps, shanty towns in the woods, no running water or electricity. A few have tents, a few don't. Most are on disability, hardly enough to survive on in our area. I'm hoping this thing picks up momentum and is a year round thing next year, in its own place, with a stronger support structure for the men.


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

So Sorry to hear about your back pain, also about the Shelter closing. Yes where do they go now?

awb said...

Kim - My body has a mind of its own, but thanks. Most of them are heading to the woods. They will live in tents, if they're lucky, find places to go during the day to eat, maybe clean up. We aren't doing a very good job!