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Friday, April 29, 2011

Libraries As Haven For The Homeless, Back Pain Causing MS Like Weakness In My Legs

Went this morning to the library, a lot of the guys from the shelter congregate there, had a few things planned to try and help with paperwork. Thought that was an odd place for homeless dudes to hang out, how repulsive was that thought? The library holds as many things for the homeless, maybe more. Libraries are a good place to charge cell phones, use a computer, get warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and oh yeah, there are books there too.

I've come to the decision that right now I'm having more trouble with my back than I am with my MS. Been very discouraged with the weakness in my legs, did something I get mad at doctors for, assumed it was from the MS, and thought no more about it. Then I had a couple of the spinal injections and the weakness wasn't as bad. The back still hurt, but the pain was different, don't know that I can explain? The pain from my back was zapping the strength from my legs. I need to get my back fixed so I can build some strength back up in my legs. Will see how this theory plays out....stay tuned!


Diane J Standiford said...

MS does make it hard to tell what the heck is actually WRONG with us sometimes. Good luck. Oh, the library across st. from where I used to live was THE homeless shelter, so much so that book useres stopped going and the stench hit you the moment you opened the door. It became a big deal, and city tried to keep them out (key needed for restroom and such) but then young drug users started claiming it and lots of elderly in the 'hood, so eventually one couldn't tell who was who. (*I* always thought the absence of a BOOK might be a clue, but no. (And sleeping in a corner---but, no.)

awb said...

Diane - It's a tough one, the shelters are in neighborhoods that need them, but there don't appear to be enough daytime services, so we get full libraries.