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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

NFL Does A Horrible Job With Farve And Game Cancelation

The NFL made a few great decisions this week. First was them canceling the Sunday night game because it was dangerous for people to go to the game, thanks. So if the game next week in Buffalo has snow, and I decide to go and get in an accident, I can sue the NFL for not postponing the game, sweet! Second was fining Farve his pocket change for not cooperating with the investigation into HIS misconduct. Suspend him a game, let him lose the $687,530 he would lose for not playing. They said they couldn't determine if it was a picture of his body parts he sent to the young girl? I bet Mrs. Farve knows!


Stuff could always be worse said...

I am really tired of the media coverage over this??

Muffie said...

Personally, I was relieved they postponed the game. My son is an Eagles season ticket holder, and I'd have just one more thing to worry about. Though it would have been nice if they eventually had won on Tuesday!! Brett Favre bores me...