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Monday, December 27, 2010

Horrible Weather, Snow, Wind, How I Miss Being Out In It

No place on earth less hospitable than Baltimore today, pretty sure I read it someplace, or maybe I said it to the wife, can't remember which? Either way it must be true, right? Snowed all day yesterday, sustained winds over 100 miles per hour this morning. Saw a crow battling the wind, all of it's feathers blew off, looked like a Cornish hen sitting on the fence post. Our American flag is snapping in the wind, looks like the flag from Ice Station Zebra! With all of this, harsh baby, harsh weather conditions, there is nothing I'd like better than to be sitting in a tree stand, watching the deer and the antelope play. I miss me.


Miss Jackie's Favorites said...

I know you do! I miss you doing that kind of stuff too. I'm just so glad you did so much of it when you could. I love your stories!

awb said...

Jack - That wasn't a "story", the weather was frightful!


Diane J Standiford said...

I hear ya. Oh how I loved those freezing Indiana winters, had a car that stopped for no snow, sleet, etc, worked at post office---good times. Now just memories in Seattle, in my power chair. Oh well.

awb said...

Diane - and soylent green is people!


John at BWI said...

Thank God I didn't travel this holiday, or else Ill be piss off big time . Until now, I still hear canceled flights over the news. That's kinda frustrating.

awb said...

John - Saw a guy at BWI who couldn't figure out why his plane was canceled? Problem was his plane is still on the ground in S Carolina!