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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eastside Men's Shelter Tonight, Breakfast Casserole Tonight

Going to the shelter tonight, to the point I'm looking forward to seeing the guys. I know their names, and they know me, so it's easy to hold a conversation. A few are working towards their GED, or getting their birth certificates or drivers license. There are also a few that aren't aware they are even there, sad to watch. A bunch have been put out for inappropriate behavior, drugs or alcohol issues mostly, but all are appreciative. Taking breakfast casseroles and fried potatoes tonight for dinner, 18 people in all, so I'd best get at it!


CMM said...

Love that you do's one of those things that you do to help others but you probably leave feeling it does more for you.

Stuff could always be worse said...

I am so PROUD of you!!!!! I loved working with the homeless for the same reasons you listed....I sure miss those days.

awb said...

CMM - I know it does a lot for me, but they are such an appreciative group of guys. The food we took down was probably under $20, but you would have thought we had given them a kidney! Makes you rethink how to appreciate your own life.

Kim - I'm sure you do miss it. I enjoy sitting and talking with them, learning the other side of the issue.


Diane J Standiford said...

Helping those in need always puts our small stuff in perspective. Win win situation, food for OUR soul.

FRANK said...

I am a resident of the Streets of Hope men's Shelter across from EastPoint, housed in the parish house of St Peter's Lutheran Church Eastern Ave, Baltimore, Md. I am also on the coordinating council of the shelter. We are nightly served meals from various church groups volunteering their time faithfully. and though the men don't always seem appreciative (some don't know how to express it!!) they are indeed. God bless all who do this kind of work, for it is indeed GOD'S WORK!! Frank Burrus

awb said...

Diane - It is that.

Frank - Good to see you stopped by, I need to get back to posting.