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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kratovil-Harris Ingnoring A Constituent, and Political Ads Are Repulsive

Email I sent to Harris-Kratovil, still no answer to my original question, and these ads are ridiculous.

Enough with the commercials guys, especially the ones you didn't do. Make sure the winner does something abut this unending money flow for commercials, it's ridiculous!

Neither of you are going to respond to me about the question I asked about which one of you is lying about the 23% sales tax? Interesting that constituent questions mean absolutely nothing to you both, thanks.



Beth said...

Andy, what I find most disheartening about the political ads that are being aired during this election is that after watching them, often, I still have NO IDEA what each candidate stands for, only what they accuse their opponent of. I find that the only candidate that seems to actually tell me, in her ads, what she stands for is Mikulski. Everyone else is too busy slamming their opponent to tell me what they can do for our state. Very frustrating.

Hope you are well. Miss you! (saw your boy at the bowling alley yesterday morning, but didn't get the chance to say hi to him)

awb said...

Beth - You know it sister, and remember, there are other choices in the race. They are on my list!

Hope you're felling better, I went up church today and swept up acorns for my squirrels.