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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Beautiful Day, Ugly People, and Lame Answers

Had a very frustrating day. It was absolutely gorgeous here in Baltimore, too much so to stay inside. Against my better judgment, I loaded up my chair, took my lunch, and went to my secret spot. OK, my secret spot isn't so secret on a Saturday afternoon, there were 5 billion there! I was there, so I may as well stay, so I went to park, so began the fun. There are only 5 parking spots there, all of them handicapped spots, and a big sign that says no stopping anytime. Of course that means there were cars everywhere, in the spots and stacked up blocking the spots.

I went to sit by my bridge, random humans everywhere, so I ate and went to leave. More cars, more random humans, so I called Baltimore County non emergency police number. Figured it would take a while, so I left down the road. The cop passed me on the way out, so I hung a Uey and went back up, well the cop was already leaving! I asked him why, he said there didn't seem to be anyone parked illegally? I said hello, no stopping! Just about then 2 of the guys that were parked illegally came up, and get this, the little guy had a big mouth.

This little dude starts mouthing off about how I've been up there for hours, taking pictures of the kids, being a pain to all the people at the park. I told him he was full of shit and still illegally parked, I know! The cop tells me I have to leave, the balls in his court now. I told him that was cool, showed him my badge, told him when he was finished I'd be waiting at the end of the street to have a talk with him. He came up apologized for the way it went, said tickets didn't seem to work, told me how busy he was. I don't like humans very much.


Stuff could always be worse said...

So sorry that your secret place has 5 billion there also....Everyone seems to be parking in the handicap spots now. I have a difficult time finding a spot also.

awb said...

Kim - Never again on a weekend, or evening, or during the time seniors walk.