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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Idiot at Walmart, and The Boy Got His Lerners Permit

Almost got hit by a car today, subsequently almost got in a fight. Leaving Walmart today, I know, destroying the local small business community, but their toiletries are cheap, in the cross walk, a guy passes all the cars blowing his horn just missing me. Thanks, I'm fine, but I was pissed, what a jerk. Went down and told him so, kind of had his van blocked in so he had to listen, that and I'm still a rather imposing figure, scared the hell out of him! Felt good, forgot for a minute a 9 year old girl could probably beat me up.

The boy is riding the wave right now, 300 game, 800 series last night, got his learners permit today, happy guy, things are looking good. Took him out to drive tonight, he does a real nice job. Keep with the insurance people how that will all work, and we are off! I may never drive again, all of the chauffeurs at my disposal.

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