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Sunday, September 19, 2010

What Does a Yellow Curb Mean?

Are yellow curbs universal? Does a yellow curb mean no parking in Abilene, or Spokane? It used to be mean that in MD, but they must have changed that to I'll only be a minute so I'm not parked? People are ignorant slobs, the only good people being the ones that read my blog! People of Baltimore, pay attention! Rules do apply to you, all of the time, even when you're in a a hurry! And you people that leave your car running with your kids in while you illegally park at an ATM are going to the 3rd level of hell!


Stuff could always be worse said...

They do mean something in GA, but some do not pay attention to them. Maybe we can help educate people, to these curbs, that get ignored.

awb said...

Kim - I told a friend I was going to become to community activist, but when she told me I wasn't allowed to vaporize anyone, I said nah.


Carolyn said...

Visiting from ICBW-
Lol!! Leave my wee ones in while I pay for petrol does that count?? Funny I live in small town Australia and no one stresses about the curb thing but if u slow down a light change u betta be ready for some biff!

awb said...

Carolyn - Nice to meet you. No, gas is OK, it's just rule breakers. I hate rules with a passion, but if I follow them, so should they, or they will get my biff! (Is that a bad thing, or did I just bake them a cake?)


Muffie said...

You're so right, Andy! It bugs me that these lawbreakers always get away with their transgressions, and we'd get caught and have to pay fines! And, yes, a yellow curb does mean do not park... Oh, go on, be an activist -- you know you want to!

awb said...

Muffie - The problem is if I do a good job, they'd want to erect a statue one day, so I have to get in better shape first, ya know, so it looks good in my park?