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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Good Friends, Electric Tricycle, and MS and Back Pain

Our friends are coming over tonight, dollar crabs at Bill's Seafood, always a hit. The wife and I were talking, we know a lot of people! Tonight are bowling parents, we have become friends over the years, all that time sitting in bowling alleys. Saturday we are going out to dinner with another couple, then we are having more friends over next weekend. My point is I'm very lucky, I have a lot of contact with humans, I suppose I should stop whining about being home so much.

Went to the local bike shop, wanted to see what I needed to do to turn my Schwinn into an electric ride? The guys at the shop looked at me like I had 3 heads, can you do that they asked? They even said that if I accomplish I should bring it by so they can see. Really? They sold 3 different types of 2 wheeled electric bikes and they are surprised you can do it with a tricycle? When I take over the world I plan of punishing stupid answers. Remember MAD magazine's snappy answers to stupid questions? I'm going to get those guys to write our laws.

The back pain has taken over most of my time these days. The surgeons and pain management folk say a fusion is the only thing really left to help me. No more injections, can't be done after surgery, so surprise, surprise, I'm left with little options. The problem with the fusion is a bigger scare. No, I kid, it's what I do. The problem is they don't think it's really for me, size, age, and I imagine they are a tad gun shy of the secondary progressive ms thing. Until I figure it out, drug me up Scotty, better living through chemistry.


Beth said...

Glad you are having fun and seeing friends Andy....though I do note, with some regret, that John and I are not in any of the categories you have listed...friend-wise that is. :)

awb said...

Beth - Uh-huh, that was just a smattering of what I do.


Diane J Standiford said...

"Better living by..." so true, scientifically speaking...I maybe not so much...unless...well...aarrggh, life can be such a bee-ach.

awb said...

Diane - My thoughts exactly.