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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wild Birds Are Wild, No Facebook Means It's Quiet Here, and My Electric Tricycle Project

Man, this humidity is killin me! You move more than 3 feet and you are soaking wet. I tell you what the humidity doesn't effect in Baltimore, the birds. We have about a billion out in the yard right now, and that's no exaggeration. Honest! We feed them, so I'm enjoying watching the avian pecking order. One thing I noticed, we have burning bushes in the side yard, and there are leaves all over the ground. It's been so dry, I worried they were dying, but no, it's the birds. Little birds, hawks, pigeons, something, I don't know, they bite the leaves off! They are eating something at the base of the leaf, fascinating.

Me Facebook experiment has gone pretty much as expected? Off a few days, have gotten a couple of emails, in answer to what I've sent, and that's it. Now there are a couple of exceptions, one gal I worked with has sent me emails, and another chick from school and I are text buddies, so I guess I should be happy with that. My problem is I don't like things like FB, too many cutsie parts to it, not my style, but it was nice to have "contact" with people I know. People tend to forget about you if you aren't in front of them, it ain't easy be me.

Well, I went and bought it, now I have to do something with it. I'm talking about my adult tricycle of course. Now I have to figure out the best way to modify it with an electric motor. I was thinking of going to see Lenny the wheelchair guy to find out what he thinks, but I talked to him on the phone, he's talking about sprockets and gear ratios, get real Lenny! I'm probably going to go with a hub motor on the front wheel, much more in my abilities, just have to make suck I can get one strong enough to push my big ass around!


Stuff could always be worse said...

It takes a lot to push a wheelchair :), hope you do not have to.

Stuff could always be worse said...

The wheelchair is good for me! Just forgot to say that. I use a power one though. You should feel the humidity in Georgia.

awb said...

Kim - I have a power chair too, want the bike while I still can do it.


Beth said...

Rest assured Andy, just because you are not on fb anymore, that doesn't mean I am not keeping up with you...I have this blog of yours set up to alert me when you update it, and I have read your emails but did not respond because, quite frankly, your success at gardening makes me feel totally inadequate. :) I will, most DEFINITELY, stay in touch and will absolutely comment here whenever I feel I have something of value to add.

awb said...

Beth - Wahoo! Plus, I get to see you at church.