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Friday, August 6, 2010

The Boys Vacation, MS Leg Pain, and Mortgage Lifter Tomatoes

The boy is going on going on vacation again tomorrow, ah to be young again. He's not going to be going to school in the fall, and he just graduated, so this is the time to do it, before he kicks work full time. He's at the beach this week, Ocean City, MD., then Myrtle Beach, SC 4 days the following week! I used to love going to the beach with friends when I was his age, everything was fun, everything was possible. Didn't hurt we stayed in the one friend's sister's place anytime we wanted, one of the nicest condos there.

My legs are shot. They not only are getting weaker, they hurt all the time now. I think it should be a law, not a federal law, just a state law, keep it local, one or the other. I can handle one at a time, but both, not diggin it I must say. So I sit a lot more, probably contributing to why they hurt, but don't have the juice to go anymore. A lot of pain all of the sudden in the knees? I'd say it's because of my gross tonnage, but to have it start in both at the same time, seems fishy to me.

I have a new favorite food. Maryland tomatoes are the best in the entire of world, if you never had them, fly in and treat yourself. This year we planted a new kind for us, an heirloom variety called Mortgage Lifter. They are a huge variety, up to 2 pounds each, and make an incredible sandwich. My goal is to get a couple , no a few soft crabs, fry em up nice and crispy, a nice big slice of tomato, and there is, quite literally a little slice of heaven.


Herrad said...

Hi Andy,
Sorry to hear about your legs, try and get some exercise for them.
Swimming and leg exercises in the pool plus pysiotherapy.
Plus losing weight.
Shame you do not have access to a Motomed, excellent way to relieve tension and some pain in the legs.
Richie massages and moves my legs every morning.
Your tomatoes sound yummy.
Have a pleasant weekend.

Diane J Standiford said...

Oh I LOVE tomatoes! Booking my ticket now. (I know--we should have at least 4 legs anyway.)

awb said...

Herrad - I know the weight is killing me, as well as the lack of exercise, so I'm aware, I just need to do it!

Diane - 4 legs? That's just silly, none of my pants would fit!


Muffie said...

Sorry your legs are hurting. Wish we had the pop-in kind of limbs. Pop out the bad ones and recharge them; pop in the new ones and go.
BTW, just for the record, Jersey tomatoes are the best -- after all, we're the Garden State! But I will give you crabs -- yours are tops.

awb said...

Muffie - I would take pop in legs, and Jersey tomatoes, what exit?


Beth said...

Andy, 4 legs would not really be a problem for you--you tell me all the time that you don't wear pants!

Seriously, my friend, I am very sorry your knees are killing and I should try to get out and walk together, since I need to keep my joints moving too. We could push each other along a bit.

awb said...

Beth - I had pants on just this morning, can't bring myself to wear shorts to church. Walking isn't my friend, I need to start riding my recumbent exercise bike.