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Monday, August 2, 2010

Facebook Deactivated, Horrible Day Shopping, and Rude People Everywhere

Deactivated my FB account, realized a countdown was a little, just a tad self centered, like, I'm gonna jump! It was time, too many opinions, too many beliefs, time to go back to what I know, being in charge. I like it here, nobody bothers me here, gets on my nerves, they ignore me like they do in person, so I'm home. I will miss the games, and meeting up with old friends, but the real FB experiment will be if I can keep the ones I already remade.

Went out the other day, was going to run some errands, out amongst the humans. I'm still able to do it, not as well as before, but at least I still can. It was a disaster of typical proportions. First stop was Lowes, looking for light bulbs, pool chemicals, and a bat house. No chemicals, or bat house, but I was able to get light bulbs, though I'm scared to get the compact florescent ones, ya ever see what you have to through if you break one, scary.

Next I was off the Richardson's chicken farm, they just built a huge, beautiful new store adjacent to the very tiny old one. They have everything! Great chicken, obviously, locally grown veggies, baked goods, honey, a buffet of fresh cooked foods, really a treat to visit. Let me correct that, a treat during the week, not on a Saturday morning. There were humans everywhere! You'd of thought we were in the depths of famine the way people were grabbing supplies. I started to worry I'd missed the announcement of the invasion? I wrestle a head of Romaine away from an elderly woman, and left.

My last stop was to get the wife a fountain soda, she likes those better than she likes me. Was going to get one at the farm market, but you couldn't get near the machine for the hoards of people. No biggie,we have tons of places, and I needed gas anyway. So I stops up to the Royal Farm, fill up, and go inside, masses of humans there too. I get the soda, get in line, and patiently wait my turn. Suddenly this woman walks into, knocking the soda from my hand, it hitting the ground like a grenade, and are you ready for this? She tells me to watch where f@#$% I'm going! Proof that some people are alive simply because it's against the law to kill them.


Stuff could always be worse said...

Wow, what adventures to Lowes, farm, then humans are crazy. You are funny, made me laugh (sorry no killing):)

awb said...

Kim - That was a very harrowing day, they were out to get me.

Anonymous said...

I too have had days like that. Just wanna pull the rug in and lock the door.

If you miss the FB games, you can create an account using a stupid name with a hotmail, yahoo, or gmail account. They allow almost ANY kind of name on a FB page.

My, what youI hope the wife appreciates ya. Take care, Anne

awb said...

Anne - The wife appreciates me? I'm a peach!