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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Great Pool Day, Idiot Gardening, and My Facebook Experiment

Spent a great day out in the pool, just me and the wife. We floated, swam, listened to some great music, even made out like kids home without parental supervision. The butterflies and birds were everywhere! It was quite the day to be outside, glad we were able to take advantage of it. Tomorrow the daughters boyfriend comes over for dinner, we met him when he picked her up a few weeks ago, but tomorrow he's ours!

The garden has been mildly successful this year, but I think it can do better. The mortgage lifter tomatoes are out of this world, and big! We have a whole slew of jalapenos ready, time to make pepper jelly any day now. Green beans out the wazoo, and out popcorn is starting to tassel, I sure hope that's a good thing? The best part is the wife has been smitten with it, gives us yet another thing we like to do together. Time to get ready to plant the fall "crops"!

Getting ready to start spending more time blogging, going to give up Facebook, at least for a while. FB has been a hoot, reconnected with some great people from high school, the problem with it are all the posts people put on about stupid stuff! I am not exactly a people person, so it's not always easy for me to play nice. I love knowing what is going on in friends lives, as longs as it's not stupid, and as long as they are friends. I'm sure they will make out just fine without me, and will be in touch with the people I should be, if I was meant to be.

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