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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Doorway Bumpers, Human Watching, and Big man in Women's Clothes

I've developed bruises along my forearms, starting to wonder if they'll ever go away? All started recently as I've begun cushioning myself as I go through doorways, which I've started to use as bumpers. I'll walk along, loose my balance, list to one side, throw my arm out like a rudder. The problem, as I see it, is our doorways aren't rounded, so I very seldom don't bash my arm on an edge. I may have to start wearing pads on my arms, will like ridiculous, but maybe the bruises will subside.

Went out for a donut this morning with a friend, sat there for a while looking at the humans. Young mother of 3 with more tattoos than the Pacific fleet. A guy left his laptop on the table, as in left it there, got in his car a left. 7 rather porcine teens came in for ice cream cones at 11, bad form. Mr Leo came in for his morning coffee, he used to ref my basketball games when I was a kid, he's old now. Make me wish the wife would open her tea shop, I'd people watch everyday.

Was accused of having on a girls shirt today, can't argue, I thought it was when the wife brought it home. I'm not very fashion driven, have a few pairs of shorts, a few shirts, one pair of shoes, I'm a rock star. I like the idea of all my clothes being the same, no choices of what to wear today. Uniforms would be cool with me, as long as I could have mine with shorts. In the mean time, I need to research this shirt, see if it's for men or women, I have one in blue, need to see if I'm going to get razzed when I wear it.


Miss Jackie's FAVORites said...

The shirts are for men! They are HIP shirts! COOL, HAPPENING!! By wearing those shirts you are in step with the times! I would never buy you a woman's shirt. Never! Well, at least no intentionally. Plus you look really cute in those shirts and I especially like you in the muscle t-shirts! HOT!!

awb said...

Thanks Baby, she doesn't know what she's talking about!