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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hummingbird Feeders, Multiple Sclerosis and Leg Cramps, and Terracotta Smoker

I went and got another hummingbird feeder today, put it on the back of the house in front of the bay window in the living room. The ruby throated hummers like the new location! It's amazing to watch them, I didn't know how territorial they were. The wife gasps when they fly to the feeder, then she gasps each time they flit around. We had one the flitted so many times, I thought she was going to pass out! I was actually able to see a couple of the hummers sitting in the tree, never saw that before.

Why is it the cramps start about this time everyday? It doesn't matter what I do, little activity, huge amounts of activity, they are going to hit about 9:30 every night. It's starting to really get on my nerves having the yips, and I want it to stop. I've tried bananas, the mother tried to get me to take quinine, must of thought I had malaria. Probably would try anything to see it I could get this to stop, really bothers me.

OK, I have bunches of things I want to try, most of them either cost too much, are out of my ability range, or I figure out they are just stupid! I want a smoker, but I don't want to pay for one. I found plans for one using Terracotta pots and a hot plate, I know, crazy. We got a terracotta pot for cooking chicken as a wedding gift, and we couldn't figure out how to clean it? The looks of this are very cool, but how do you wash it after using it? I think I'm going to find out with this one.


Miss Jackie's FAVORites said...

Watching humming birds is the coolest thing ever!! I love it!!

awb said...

I don't know about ever, but it's a lot of fun!