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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Idiosyncrasies, Broken Back, and MS Is a Thief

Idiosyncrasies are fun to look at, we all have them, some are good, some will drive ya crazy. The sister used to click her tongue, making the mother want to kill her! The grandfather used to do a triple take, so do the uncles, I think I do it too? The girl rolls her eyes, I now know how mom felt. She had her faced pierced a few months ago, I noticed she is still running her tongue over the back, asked her if it bothered her She rolled her eyes and walked into the kitchen. We'll talk when she gets home from work.

Back is broken, tried positive thinking, looking on the bright side, all that crap, but the surgery didn't do it. I'm in pain all the time, the kind of pain that I imagine when people talk about tooth pain. The father tells me he had this everyday, had it playing tennis, sitting in a boat, doing just about anything. He also always tells me he would have been famous if he had my size, so I'm not as tough as him, and I wasted my size. Anyway, I'm looking for the surgeon to either take the disk out, or kill the nerve, do something so I don't waste what time I have left for walking because my back won't let me move. I'm not worried about long term, I'm living in the moment.

I was thinking today of all the things I used to be able to do that would shock people that just met me. There was a time I could dunk a basketball. Used to be able to walk on my hands. I could hit a softball a mile, right or left handed. I know how to juggle. Loved to dance, played semi-pro football, and indoor lacrosse. Painted the parents house, 2 story colonial while still in high school. Did all the brick patio work here at this house, plus all the landscaping. I could cut a deck of cards with one hand and roll coins between my fingers. I wish that guy didn't have to go away.


Beth said...

Andy, my friend, I am sorry for your pain...fron what everyone has always told me, back pain is the WORST!! Hope that you will find a doctor soon who will help you.

Stuff could always be worse said...

Yes so sorry for your pain...They say the back is the worst. Yes we would all be amazed at what we used to do. My dad says the same thing.

zoomdoggies said...

Those things I used to do? Somehow, I remember being better at them than Scarecrow says I was. But being able to do them again, even badly, would be very cool. For real.

awb said...

Beth - The back is giving more problems than the MS.

Kim - I think it was me, getting hard to be sure.

Zoom - I didn't say I was good at them before!

Thanks all,