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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Butterfly Garden, MS and Fever, and Electric Tricycle Design

The butterflies have been lots of fun to watch this year, all kinds and colors. We have 2 purple butterfly bushes, and they love those things, Crazy, I know! We have been able to attract a couple of hummingbirds as well this year, they are just harder to take pictures of. I'm going to plan a full out butterfly-hummingbird garden in the front corner of the backyard, on the drunk neighbor side. People that have been here will know exactly where I mean! Next year I will have the little critters crawling all over me.

Tripped over an area rug the other day, in a snit rolled it up, going to throw it out. Vacuumed the entire upstairs, cleaned out the vacuum filters, all the dust and grime made me sick. Yesterday had a sore throat, ran a low grade fever, which kills me. I was delirious in the middle of the night, thought I was the king of Prussia! Slept most of the day yesterday, worst part was in the middle of the night I couldn't walk. I may have been able to walk, don't know, couldn't stand up, so I don't know. Fever seems to be gone, can walk, even my back doesn't hurt too bad, everything is looking up.

I'm still in the planning stages with my tricycle transformation, haven't done too much else. Joined an EV forum, electric vehicles, read everything I could find on it. Have to schedule a day to go down to visit with Lenny the wheelchair guy, see what info I can pick his brain for. I read about sprocket reduction ratios, chain length, direct drive shaft motors, yeah, I don't know the hell they are talking about! I'll figure it though, I will have my electric tricycle.


Stuff could always be worse said...

Love butterfly bushes, wish I could get a beautiful like you know about those rugs, I did get rid of most of mine.

awb said...

Kim - We have 2 all out butterfly bushes, they do OK. We also have an annual flower, that comes back every year, is about 7 feet tall, and loaded with butters. Of course I don't remember where I got it, what it's called, and I only had to give the stranger our cow...