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Monday, August 30, 2010

Back Pain's Back, Fall Garden Time, and Nicotine Walls

Going to the back surgeon on Thursday, hoping he will lay my on the counter in the front office and fix my back, but not overly confident. What I'm actually looking for is to have the disk removed, or kill the nerve in the area that hurts. Not concerned with the long term effects on the old spine, just looking to have the time I have left upright the best they can be with as little pain as possible.

Tomorrow is lettuce day. I need to plan out my fall garden which is a very small scale operation. I am planting the lettuce table again and 2 of my idiot tubs. Wasn't very impressed with the tubs and my tomatoes this year, had 4 varieties so it wasn't for lack of trying. The tubs do an incredible job with the lettuce however, looking forward to some killer salads this fall. Going to our local CSA on Wednesday, hoping to get some tips, some honey, and some eggs.

It's time to paint the house, partly because it's time and we want to make some changes, but also because it's like living in the Amittyville horror house. The people that lived here before us smoked themselves to death in this house, literally. When it's hot and humid, and it's always hot and humid in Baltimore, the nicotine leaches out and runs down the walls! Attractive, ain't it? Have to figure out how to make that stop, short of replacing the drywall. The kids are so looking forward to painting!

Just say yes to chickens!


Stuff could always be worse said...

Do hope your back surgery makes you feel better, if it comes to that!
Good luck getting kids to paint!

awb said...

Kim - Me too, this is getting old!


Anonymous said...

Yes. To chickens. I live in the suburbs of Connecticut and my next door neighbors have them. LOVE them. I was disappointed when another neighbor complained about the (unintentional) rooster that landed among the mix of chix. I leave my garden gate open and they have RiD the yard of the VOLES that had eaten everything green in my yard. I have no complaints Chickens rule!--Linda

awb said...

Linda - We are going to win this battle, I want chickens! The will eat my bugs, it will be great.


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