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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

File Zoning Variance For Backyard Chickens In Baltimore

OK, the chickens really have me thinking. What happens if you just get the chickens, and wait to get a zoning violation? Does it the go to the zoning commissioner for a review? Has anyone filed for a zoning variance to see what happens? I'm just spit balling, have no idea of the process, but it seems to me it could be a way of forcing the issue onto someones plate? Let me know your thoughts, and if it's been tried.


Jay Pelham said...

I haven't given this much thought, but if it's anything like the guy in Westminster who recently bought his family chickens... he was assessed a fine, unless he got rid of the chickens by a county-imposed deadline.

You could try filing for a zoning variance based on the Baltimore City regulations. At any rate, you would then have some documentation to present to the council for a complete overhaul of the county code.

awb said...

Jay - Waiting for a call back from W. Carl Richards, Jr., he's in zoning review. I'll find out what I can from him, let you know, maybe that someone has to take a hit with the county to have it all documented?