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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Parent-Child Bowling, Chickens and Politicians, and MS and Travel Pain

The wife and boy are down to the pro shop to buy her a bowling bowl and shoes. They are in a parent-child league starting this week, and she hasn't bowled in a long time, and is a nervous wreck about it. She could always beat me, so I think she's the greatest! The boy asked her to do it, bought the ball for her birthday, she is so excited she can't see straight. I'm going to go watch just I can wear my regular guy shirts.

I used the form letter off of Charm City Chickens and sent all the candidates for the 5th district seat and county executive a copy. So far 3 have responded, Ken Holt, Gordon Harden, and David Marks, all in favor of, or willing to consider it. How often do I send the others a copy, until they answer, do I send them all again, make it be in their heads? I also sent the current county exec a copy, haven't heard from him yet either. I haven't even started to check into how many rabbits I can have.

My legs are killing me, especially the right one. I'm not experiencing drop foot in it as much as I am foot drag. I'm actually having a problem getting it up off the ground. No panic, I'm going to approach this as residual side effects from our trip. I knew the legs would be effected, but I didn't plan on this, must say it caught me off guard. Good news is if it doesn't get any better, at least I already have a wheelchair, HA!


Stuff could always be worse said...

Great that your wife is bowling. I know the drop foot problem, I am getting a new, brace to pick up my foot. I do hope yours is a temporary problem. Mine is a 30 year problem???

awb said...

Kim - They will have a blast. 30 years, rock on!


Miss Jackie's FAVORites said...

It will be great just as long as the left side of my butt stops hurting. I pulled muscles I didn't even kmow that I had and that was just during practice. It's going to be great! Need you as my #1 cheerleader. Where the little red skirt - it makes your thighs look great! LOL

awb said...

enoughway ofway ethay edray irtskay!