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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Heat, Graduation Trip, and Reconnecting With Friends

The heat has been unbearable, thank God for air conditioning! What did people do without it? I actually remember the work without A/C, I was 13 before me family had it, we just soldiered through hot times. I really don't remember it being that hot, but it must have been, guess we were just used to it. I know now it is a comfort I would fight for, and pity the fool that is without it.

The wife and boy are in Florida, a graduation present for him, he took his one buddy with him, and a very deserved break for her. The dudes went to Universal Studios and their water park, she was the queen of the pool. I tried to talk her into hitting the shopping scene, but she wanted to be at the hotel if the boys needed her. Can you say cell phone? It made her feel better to be there, so that's all that matters, and I'm glad they are home tomorrow evening.

Been spending a lot of time on facebook, it's been pretty cool hooking up with people I knew 30 years ago in school. Seems like I have more in common with the gals I went to school with? Don't know what it is, but we get together fairly often, lunch, Friday night snowballs, Karaoke every once in a while, nice. Trying to be out more while it's still somewhat easy to do, what I call being out amongst the humans.


Stuff could always be worse said...

Amen for AC...I remember growing up without it too, just fine. I do like the connection facebook gives me too.

Anonymous said...

THANK GOD for air conditioning and remote control fans. If it came to a choice of them over food -- I'd take them is highly over-rated at this point in my life (poundage!)

Facebook - I feel like I should own stock in it. I play games mostly - I know it is such a time waster - but I have nothing to do now that I am fully retired. I get my 4 hours of writing in a day, then onto FB for slots, card games, etc. Come on over some time.....Anne DiGeorge on FB

Anonymous said...

So, THAT's why you haven't been around. You were abducted (seduced) by FB. And here I was, all worried about you...

For shame. Not letting your fan base know that you were okay...