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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

General McChrystal Speaks, Graduation Soiree, and THC Vaporizors

So, what do I think about General McChrystal's Rolling Stone interview? The parts I've been reading, he joked about a few things, maybe some statements he shouldn't have made, but was it as bad as they are making out to be? He made a joke about not knowing who Biden was, maybe not funny after saying Biden's strategy would promote chaos, but he did it. Some of the other things in the article are quotes from aids that said he bad mouth the president. Who knows, but if he did undermine the president's authority, he probably should loose a star or something.

The boy has his graduation party this Sunday, the wife took care of the whole thing,o I can take no credit, nor any blame. She invited 150 people to the party, 148 are coming! Right now the weather is calling for temps in the high 90's, same with the humidity, and a few thunderstorms. The wife doesn't know the meaning of small, or intimate. She makes Cecil B Demille look like a jingle producer! It always works out, it's always a huge success, and I always stay out of the planning.

The hot weather is kicking my butt, vision is off, hands are foam finger size in feel and dexterity, and I can't get out of my own tracks. Even in the air conditioning and the fan blowing on me full blast, I still got smacked in the pumpkin from the heat. Drinking plenty of liquids, thinking of getting a thc vaporizor to see how I feel? Hey, I did everything else they asked me to do, and then some. I either am going to smoke a little weed, or I'm going for Tisabri infusions once a month, but I'm leaning towards a vaporizor.


Stuff could always be worse said...

Well I agree with the General, glad your wife does so much work!!!
I will not advise you on meds :)

awb said...

Hey Kim - Agree or not, my point is the chain of command is all we have between us and a military coo.


Anonymous said...

I agree with the THC vaporizor. Go for it! Many MSer's swear it is the best.

How you deal with it in regarding to raising children in the same house is up to you alone.

Have a great graduation party!

Anonymous said...

Hope the graduation party goes well.

I don't have MS but I've visited a website called My Sun Still Rises. I believe she recently posted an entry about the drug you mentioned. Might be worth a read.


Libby said...

andy-good luck in this friggin' heat! i used to love summer..not so much anymore...

Libby said...

andy...i didn't know we used THC vaporizers in America! wow! i know (& you know) it helps herrad a lot!!

awb said...

Anne, my youngest is 18, I can tell him to get his own stash!

Linda - I will check it out, thanks.

Libby - The heat is kicking my ass, and that is quite a task! I don't know if the US is using them, but I am considering it.