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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Weather Fluctuations, Squirrel Feeders Rock, and The Kids Are Great

Does the change in the temperature effect everyone like it does me? 100 degrees today, snowed yesterday, it's killin me! OK, 80's today, 50's yesterday, but it takes its toll on me. The legs are AWOL to begin with, but when mother nature hits me with this, they are almost useless. Heat is bad, but this back and forth has to go.

So I got a couple of bird feeders, one for songbird feed, the other for thistle. The thistle has been attracting gold finches, and the other has have everything, including big grackles, that can empty out a feeder in a hurry. The squirrels have also had a field day, that is until I bought a squirrel feeder. That's right, if you can't beat em, feed em! I'm having more fun watching the squirrels open the lid of the feeder, take out a peanut, then scurry away and bury it. Fun is where you find it.

The girl finished up her first semester at U of Baltimore, best switch we could have done, she loves it. Did I mention she got a job? She got a job! She is working at Claire's down the mall, 2 minutes away, and she likes it! The wife and I actually have been home alone a few days, the boy only uses this as a mailing address. Cooking meals for 2 people is strange, it's almost not worth getting dishes dirty. The kids are good, so life is good.

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