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Friday, May 21, 2010

Bathtub Full of Corn, Prom Time, and The Wife Gardening

The girl took me to the dump today, had limbs from trimming a tree out front, and I needed dirt to put in my bath tub. Dirt in my tub, was that funny? Don't you have a claw foot bathtub with popcorn and sunflowers planted in it? OK, maybe it's odd, but so am I, besides you have to be in my backyard to see it. It's in the corner next to the house, right next to my smoking table. I don't smoke anymore, so I grow salad greens on that, I know!

The boy has his senior prom tomorrow night, hooray! The wife took him down to pick up his tux this afternoon, a real learning experience for her. She either didn't pick up on the fact that guys are different from girls, or she is tainted by living with me for so many years. She said that she, and all the mothers in the shop, were dying at how laid back the boys were. How's it fit...good. How are the shoes...good. Does it need to be Most of the boys, including mine, left with jackets and shoes that fit, and freshly ironed tuxes.

We have been having some great salads, all thanks to the wife stepping up to be an awesome gardener. I think she has caught the bug, the satisfaction of going out to the yard, instead of out to store for supplies. Can't wait for the tomatoes to come in, they are the greatest! She knows how much it means to me, so she didn't hesitate, although it did cost me a new gardening wardrobe, and she's still looking for the right hat!

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