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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Back Pain Still Here, Bioness L300 Problem, and High School Graduation

Been taking it easy the last couple of weeks, not to be confused with the barn burning schedule I usually keep. There are a lot of things I'd like to be able to say, like "arbitrarily", but it just gets caught on my tongue. But seriously, I'd like to say my back is healed, and I'm a new man, but I can't. The back is still hurting, not the same way, but still just the same. The legs follow suit, they are a bit unsteady, in a different way than from the MS. Go to see the surgeon next week, keep your fingers crossed he forgot to turn my spine back on.

My stimulator died the other day, Friday at about 11:30 PM, EST., about a half hour after Bioness closed on the west coast. No weekend hours, so I was sans a working leg all weekend. Called first thing Monday morning, 11 AM, EST, left a message for the Bioness rep to call me, I also hit "C" to contact her cell phone, and she answered right away. Told me it was either the charging port, or I was plugging it in wrong. Let's see, plugged it now 370+ times now, no problems, no charge the last few times, pretty sure the odds are in my favor I plugged it in right. Received a new RF stim unit today, so I will try it out, see what happens.

The boy graduates from high school, June 4th, Yippy! I am proud of him, he worked really hard, especially with all the silliness of the HSA testing, which we just found out last week he had met all the requirements of, nothing like holding on till the end. I trying to decide if I should follow this all up with throwing a stink like nothing seen since the days of the mother going into school to find out I wasn't the only boy to fail Trig, the teacher was in the middle of an ugly divorce and decided to fail all the boys. Epic stink! Going to the press, they already called me in response to an email. Or let it drop, just be happy it's all over, kind of like I complain of people doing with many things in our society? We shall see.


Slammermike said...

I hope the doctor can give you some good news about your back. Great news about Jake. I don't know who is happier Jake or You.

awb said...

Thanks, Jackie would be the happiest.