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Monday, May 24, 2010

Looking at Wheelchairs, Cooking Club, and Time to Open the Pool

Today is a big day, going down to look at a power wheelchair for the first time. I've been fighting to keep this time away, but common sense tells me to start looking into it. Things like the grocery store, or going to Lowes, has gotten very hard. Stores and the like have ones you can use, but there are times when having your own would be beneficial. The boy's graduation is approaching, that is a long walk, have to decide if I want to spend all my stamps just getting to my seat, or have some left to enjoy?

A group of people I went to school with, 4 or 5 couples, want to start a cooking club, nothing fancy, something to do. Ideas are flying, how should it be done, where, when? One idea was to have everyone bring the same course, say your favorite appetizer, or desert. Last night a friend said how much she would like to be a judge on iron chef, and bing, an idea! Why not have a "secret" ingredient and have everyone make anything containing that one thing. We shall see how it plays out, be nice to spend an evening with friends regardless.

This weekend is the unofficial time people here in Baltimore open their pools. Wondering if everyone, including us will do it that way this year? The weather has been horrible here, and by the looks, many other place as well. The wife is going to be in charge of it this year, very little help from me, if any. I worry it's too much for her, not that she can't do it, she can do anything, just that it may be too much in addition to everything she already does. Either way the pool will be open soon, wish us luck.


Diane J Standiford said...

Good luck, wife! Sounds like fun times ahead. I love my power chair. I refuse to feel "less" or ashamed because I need more hekp and want to move across a hall as easily as any other 53 year old.

awb said...

Thanks Diane, got the chair, Have to figure out how to get it in the house now!!!!!!