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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Multiple Sclerosis and Tooth Pain, and The Boy's Surgery Went Great

So we were in the hospital yesterday, the boy had surgery to fix his broken hand, got six pins put into the back of his hand, when it hit me, I am in agony! I had a tooth ache that made me want to jump out of the window, except we were on the ground floor, seemed pointless. After we finished with the boy, I went to see our dentist, I'm a regular, so getting an appointment wasn't a problem. Had a root canal, the temp filling was too high, he ground it down, gave me pain meds, slapped me and sent me home.

Been having a problem with the dentist lately. I have spent about 50 hours a week at the dentist since I 6 weeks old, horrible teeth. Never had any real problems with the process, but lately it hurts for days after, and not just where they work, everywhere! They gave me some fancy dentist term for it, told me to ask the neuro, who answered by telling me to ask the dentist. I'm starting to think this whole MS thing has effected, affected, or infected, don't which one is right, everything, not just my professional rock climbing dream?

Oh, and the boy made out great, blah, blah, blah. This is my blog, let him start his own if he wants people to know about him!


Anonymous said...

Through you, Mr. President, please tell the boy I hope he's feeling better soon.

Check with your daughter, the English major, but I believe it's "affected." Hey, is she still loving her classes??

Funny I should read your dentist post tonight--I go to the dentist tomorrow to have my temporary crown replaced with the real one. Certainly not on the same level as a root canal. But oh, boy. Oh, joy. Oh, rapture. Can't wait (not).


awb said...

Linda - She told me she wasn't that kind of English major? I bought my dentist's vacation home, he better be good to me! The boy is good, trying to figure how to bowl on Sunday.

Hope you made out well at the dentist,