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Monday, April 19, 2010

MS Walk 2010, and a Great Group of Friends and Family.

The MS walk yesterday was a blast! I didn't walk, but I still had fun. When all the walkers left for the course, I was with my fellow cheerers, and the buffet with no line! Had a guy ask me when I was going to stop struggling out in public and start riding a scooter. I was going to ask him when he was going to start paying for haircuts and stop going to the barber school, but decided that wasn't the venue. I think it's important to stay walking as long as I can, even if I struggle.

We had 24 people walk, the brother and his family, people from school, friends we've had for years, the wife her whole life, a family from bowling, two actually, but one walked with another team. There were people I'd never met, well of course, but what I mean is there were people I knew their families, but never met them. One man and his wife, I used to lay on his floor in a bean bag chair playing video games while he taped music for what was then the girlfriends skating show. They taped the music on a reel to reel! A great group of people, and I really appreciated what they did.


Anonymous said...

I would never pretend to know what's it's like to have MS, but I can relate to why you don't want to use a scooter just yet. It's the same reason I refuse to use a cane, as I walk like a drunk due to my disease, even though the people around me wish I would. I refuse to give in until I absolutely have to.

Keep walking Andy. I'm wobbling right beside you.--Linda

Anonymous said...

Some people are so rude assuming you belong in a scooter. If needed, there are so many other devices you can use to make your walk easier - IF YOU SO CHOOSE. And that's the point - it is your choice....if you want to use a cane, a w/c, or a scooter.

Walk as long as you can walk. Even if it is only one block a day - just walk. The longer you are mobile, the better you will feel about yourself in every way.

I can't stand people like that. UGH!

And I probably would have attacked his thriftiness of barber school vs paying haircuts. I would not have been able to resist it! LOL

Glad the MS walk went well. Hope you are feeling good, Anne

awb said...

Linda - I'm with ya, do it to it, till it won't do it anymore. Sounds like a disco song?

Anne - It's people like that what gave me my strong dislike for other humans.