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Friday, April 23, 2010

Went To See Neurologist, But Was A Week Early, and Working Through Leg Pain With MS

Went to the doctors today, had a neuro appointment at the hospital. They have all these entrances that are key card controlled, they lead into the main hallways, not secret anti chambers. Would have cut about 8 miles off my walk, not to mention kept me from having to talk to about 300 people I would otherwise chosen to ignore. Get up to the office, out of breathe, legs screaming, back broken, receptionist tells me my appointment is next week. WHAAAAAAAA? I hate it when that happens.

Legs are for sale, looking for some sucker that doesn't know any better, could get a pretty penny I think. It's gotten to be a vicious cycle with me. The legs are so out of shape, they hurt when I use them, but they also hurt because I have MS. I think they will feel better if I can start walking a bit, or riding my recumbent exercise bike, but I can't do either of those until my back feels better. Is that cycle not vicious? it is a cycle that needs to be ridin however, build up strength at all cost, and take some of this tonnage off. If you told me to haul ass right now, I'd have to make 3 trips!


Stuff could always be worse said...

This is so true with leg pains and so sorry you were a week early...


zoomdoggies said...

Better a week early than a week late. Once I had an afternoon appointment with a new neurologist, so I thought I'd have plenty of time to swing by the hospital and pick up my MRI. As I was leaving the hospital parking lot, I dug out the appointment slip to check the directions and saw that the appointment wasn't at 1:00, it was at 11:00, and I was already a half-hour late for an appointment that took a month to set up. The receptionist was very understanding when I called to grovel, but it was a month before I could get another appointment.

awb said...

Kim - I hate the leg pain part, but it's manageable, so I shouldn't whine.

Zoom - I've done it all. Wrong day, wrong doctor, doctors I wasn't even a patient of!


Anonymous said...

Oh Andy, What a nice way to spend a day that you would have otherwise spent in front of the tv, or at best being sedentary!

Glad your son's surgery went well; share the pain meds with him if he needs them - don't be stingy. LOL

Just the thought of pins in any appendage makes my blood run cold. I hope he is feeling ok.

Yes, the exercising and healing cycle is vicious - but consider this healing time as a vacation, because once the doc gives you the go ahead to exercise - the vacation is over and the real work begins.

One month until I leave for Bermuda and I CAN'T WAIT FOR IT!!

Knowing you have been there, I couldn't help but share that. :-)