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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Girl Aced Midterms, I Went Bird Feeder Shopping, and Oral Prednisone and DDAVP Naval Spray

The girl had a great week, got "A"s on all her midterms. The one literature class, a comparison of the different types of Shakespearean plays was magnificent. They had to choose 3 quotes from 2 different plays, explain and interpret them. I read the entire test, a 7 page essay covering the subjects and characters, was able say, oh, OK a few times. She's wicked smart, finally on the right path in school, and I love her very much! A "B" would have gotten she's an OK kid.

I was out in the world today, it was awesome! I drove, stopped and got an iced tea, waved at someone I didn't even know. Ended up down a my friend Joe's parent's house, wanted to check out their bird feeders. Every time I've been there birds have been everywhere. His mother told me it was all about the feeder, the food and the placement. She was sitting with her back to the window, telling me hers were squirrel proof, squirrels were not able to get the feed. Didn't have the heart to tell her there were 2 squirrels going to town, eating the feed! I told Joe, if my backyard doesn't look like a Hitchcock movie by 9 am, your mother owes me $32.50!

Find out tomorrow what my prednisone dose is going to be, looks like the neuro is going to go along for it. I'm feeling pretty good, really good actually would like it to continue. Also want to find out about the use of DDAVP Nasal Spray, something to help with my frequent urination. I had tried Flomax, but my prostates fine thank you! I'll let you know.

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Anne said...

Hi Andy:

Glad your neuro is agreeable to you going on prednisone. I would have thought you would be on a taper after the IV, but maybe I misunderstood what the IV was for - IVSM or antibiotics for aftersurgery.

The one thing I have to watch about taking daily prednisone is the need to keep track of spikes in blood sugar. Otherwise, I am doing well on it.

If you are having frequent urination, the first test I'd be asking for is glucose (diabetes) to rule it out. FLomax doesn't work for alot of men.

After you taper down to a regular 5mgAM/5mgPM dose (or whatever seems to be a comfortable dose for you), I think you will find that along with Detrol (not Detrol LA - it is too drying), you won't need DDAVP Nasal Spray for the frequent urination.

Just my humble opinion. :-)

Glad you are feeling good and that you are getting around so well.


PS ...... I would not have been able to keep a straight face watching the squirrels at the feeder behind her back! LOL