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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Beautiful Day, The Boy Bowling, and The Girl Under The Weather

What an incredible day! These are the days I debate burning down the house and living in a tent. Luckily I have that little voice in the back of my mind, the wife asking if I'm some kind of idiot! Reminds me of an old Marx brothers, line. The guy says to Groucho, sir you're very near an idiot, Groucho replies, well I'd better move. Had all I could stands, couldn't stands no more. We have a light in our foyer that I hate! Had the same one in the parents house up the street, hated it then too. Told the wife, look, it's dirty, reached up, touched it, the glass fell out and broke. We're getting a new light for the foyer.

The boy is working his first night as counter man at the bowling alley, big doins in these parts, and something he's been waiting for since he was 9. He also worked a PBA tournament at another center the last 2 days, wish we could figure out to parlay that into a job for him. He wants to be in this line of work so bad he can taste it, so we are with him, I'm sure my parents were more worried about me at that age, I had no plan!

The girl is sick, a combo of things. She has allergies, just finished her big skating show, and is plum wore out. We said something about a job, that may be contributing to it also, but the jury is still out on that one. She missed class today, I told her to stay away from me, I could see the germs dripping off of her, she likes it when I do that. Things are getting back to normal, so I'm running out of time free of being held responsible.


Libby said...

yeah, the last thing you need after steroids to kill your immuune system is to get the flu or a cold!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad things are back to "normal" for you down there in Baltimore. I hope you have fun with your "pred high." Your family might not agree, breaking lights and stuff, but...

My son, who lives in Baltimore, is coming home this weekend for Easter. Yeah! I guess he finally shoveled out his back alley to get his car out. Either that, or the girlfriend is driving. Doesn't matter. He's coming home. Enjoy your boy while he's there.

Have a great holiday weekend! Hope the Easter bunny is good to you.--Linda, CT

Anne said...

At least your boy has a plan. Got to give him a pat on the back for that, at least.

I've got two boys still at home (ages 26 and 28) and they have no plans - for the future, to get married, or to leave home.

I hope you don't catch anything from your daughter. It's nice outside - tell her to go lose her germs in the sunshine.

Happy Easter,

Diane J Standiford said...

Good boy you got there. Too many kids hang out, no thoughts about money, survival or producing anything or having fun making a living---good boy you got there.

awb said...

Libby - they're all out to get me!

Linda - Enjoy the time with your son, he has good taste for a home town.

Anne - I'm sure your boys are just so happy, they can't imagine life any better than home with you.

Diane - We are blessed! Both our kids have been more than we could have hoped for, and though I feel like somethings I got the end of the straw that was stuck up the camel's ass, the kids are great! The girl still wants to be in charge of the world, hasn't realized that is my job!


Linda said...

Andy, yes, my son is a wise man.

Support the daughter with all that you have, even if you have no f****** idea what she's talking about. As an English major, and a lover of Shakespeare, I know how isolated she must feel at times--I envy her, because it took me until I was in my 50's to finally "get" the Bard, thanks to a marvelous professor...

The son from Baltimore is home with the girlfriend (who I think is "the one") for the Easter weekend and we're having a wonderful time.

If my life were different, I'd live in Baltimore...

Happy Easter.


awb said...

Linda - I read her interpretations of A Midsummers Night Dream, kept thinking, that's right, she's mine! Hopefully if this is the "one" it's a good choice for all.

Have a nice Easter,,