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Friday, April 2, 2010

Schilling Family Book Signing, and MS Medication Dance

Went to my first book signing tonight, my cousin and her husband wrote a book about the journey their family is going through having a child with Asperger's Syndrome, The Best Kind of Different: Our Family's Journey with Asperger's Syndrome
Shonda Schilling, Curt Schilling
. It was great to see them, the aunt and uncle, the whole gang, even a local cousin. Everyone was in line, taking pictures, asking them to sign the book, pretty cool. I couldn't resist, I asked the cousins husband to sign a crossword puzzle book, he threw the pen at me. Can you say lawsuit? Always good to see family, wish her brother had been there, would have made it perfect.

The neuro said yes to the oral Prednisone, no to the DDAVP, both things are the reason I've been with him since 1986. He will tell me his honest assessment of the situation, or more importantly, tell me if he doesn't know, I like that. Anne, you were right, going to stop the taper at 10 mg a day, 5 in the am, 5 in the early pm, just like you thought. He also thought the DDAVP was a bit much, wants me to see a urologist about that part. Trying my best to take it slow, but still live the life, baby steps, literally.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy:

So Curt Schilling is a relative,imagine that! Baseball player as I remember - is it the same person?

Glad the prednisone situation is put to rest and you now know what you are going to be doing. Nothing like hanging in the wings waiting for a decision to be made.

As I mentioned in my last comment, DDAVP is a bit over the top in steroids, and after you are on them for a while, maybe looking into Detrol, Ditropan or something like them will help with the frequent urination.

In the meantime, the maneuvers I mentioned on my blog about how to empty your bladder completely will most likely be of great benefit to you so that you don't need any more meds for that. Hmm, it requires sitting down on the potty instead of standing, and I am sure you will see great results as my other readers have told me.

Happy Easter,

awb said...

Anne - He married into the family, he's not able to claim our bloodline, but yes, he did play some baseball.

Your call on the DDAVP was spot on. I will backtrack to see the bathroom advice, standing, sitting, doesn't matter to me!

Happy Easter,


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...



Some baseball??? I followed him on the Phillies!

I'm glad I gave you correct info on DDAVP. TY for "spot on" kudos.

Instead of backtracking in my blog to find the emptying bladder posts, I have saved you the time and trouble and just sent you an email detailing the remedy.

The email also has a link to Health Central where I answer questions under screen name "awordlover"- the link has a testimonial from a grateful reader who had great results.