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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Trash TV, Foul Language, and a Good Fight

I realized how little TV I watch today. I bring it up because I didn't know cable was out until I was told. I do listen to the radio a lot, all day long most of the time. There doesn't seem to be much on for an old fart like me. I can't stomach these vote me off reality shows. Most are made up of, at least to me, the people who I wouldn't miss if they abducted by aliens. Shock value has lost most of it's value with me. Don't get me wrong, a like a good dirty joke, but what made them funny was their bawdy, look what I said attitude. I was flipping the channels the other day and stopped at the Disney channel in time for a 10 year old to tell her mother she sucked! It ain't easy bein me.

I like a good curse word now and then, they make an excellent point, or add extra umpf to certain statements. The problem is, people use the big ones, you know the ones I mean, George Carlin's 7 good ones, too much in casual conversation. I know them all, I've used them all, and used them well, when appropriate. I don't use them at home, don't see the point. I used them at work, used them often. The people I dealt with didn't understand it when you asked if they thought it was best to sit quietly and please stop throwing things at the judge. I want the world to play by rules, is that too much to ask?

I also haven't been in a fight in years. The wife has a hard time understanding the concept of a good roundhouse punch to jaw to make you feel alive. There was a time that I did the whole fight thing pretty well. I loved contact sports, was pretty good at them too. I miss the physical part of me, it is long gone. I probably can still take a good knock, but I doubt I could do much more than wear them down by hoping they get tired of hitting me! I actually had someone tell me, very recently, they didn't want to meet with me to talk over a problem, they were afraid I was going to beat them up. I'm sure I could find a rather long list of people willing to smack the shit out of me, good friends, huh?


Slammermike said...

I agree the use of stronger language usually gets the point across to certain people particularly when they are non-compliant and spitting on you.
When strong language doesn't work by then they are becoming physical. They usually need to be convinced that it is in their best interest to get with the program.
You were one of the best at both.

awb said...

It was a challenge to see how dust bunnies you could accumulate.

Slammermike said...

We all have our moments. The bottom line is NO BODY touches us and everyone goes home they way they came to work safe and in one piece.