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Friday, September 25, 2009

A Death, Possible Kidney Issues, and Paid is Easier

One of our neighbors passed away yesterday, she was 65. She was one the original owners when the development was new, and I used to cut their grass when I was about 14 or so. I was thinking of the time in my life that 65 was an ancient age. It doesn't seem as old, especially as I close in on 50. I feel so sorry for her husband, he was pitiful yesterday. He was so upset he didn't realize she was still upstairs, he thought the paramedics had taken her. Viewings Sunday, funeral on Monday. We have gone to way to many funerals lately.

I have an appointment with a kidney specialist on Monday, they want to figure out why my vitamin D level is still going down. I am so open to suggestion, the place where I think my kidneys are has hurt for a few days. I'll probably be on bed rest by Sunday, what a wuss! I can not put into words just how pissed I'm going to be if it turns out something is wrong with my kidneys. I will write a very strongly worded letter to someone, only one thing allowed, per person. Of course I would take anything if it protected the people around me, but it doesn't work that way.

We have a couple of guys coming tomorrow to do some work in the yard, it needs it! I have finally given in to the idea that I can no longer do the yard work. The boy is old enough, but I've never showed him how to do the fine things, like what's a weed, what's a flower. This is all part of my new if I can pay to have it done I will attitude. I had a family member coming to put the new screen door on, no show. Paying $700 to have the yard work done, no more begging. Can't wait to explain the yard sign with another landscaper's name on it, but such is life. I'm looking forward to being sit out there without getting depressed!


Slammermike said...

It is a shame he didn't step up. The way I see it he doesn't come then put up the sign of someone that will come and drum up business for them.

awb said...

Done, they did a great job, no begging. Went to the funeral home tonight and had to explain to about 5 neighbors who they were and why I didn't use the other guy.

Slammermike said...

Maybe it will be a wake up call.
But, If the guy does good work and shows up on time he deserves the business.s