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Monday, September 28, 2009

Massive HSA Cover-up, Kidney Function Good, and Back Yard Livable Again

11 students, that's what the state of Maryland is claiming to be the number that didn't graduate last year because of the HSA. I wonder if they really believe that? How many kids dropped out last year, I can't seem to find that number? Grasmick needs to retire, or find another personal crusade that doesn't involve destroying our children's education, and making them fodder for Leno bits on the street. It's not working, things never do when you MUST do it, OR do this in it's place. That scenario is written for failure. Time to go back to the 3 R's, teach them the things they taught in the old days, not this damn test.

Went to see the kidney dude today, waste of time #473! First of all went to the wrong place, they have multiple offices, I figured it was the one near my house, wrong. Got to the right office at 10:29 for 10:30 appointment to be told my appointment was at 12:30. Showed my appointment card, she said wow, I wonder how that happened? Saw the doctor dude, nice young guy, said I'm healthy as a horse. I asked him if they still shot horses, he didn't get it. Kidneys are functioning great, level are great, he is the vitamin D expert, his explanation was...are you ready... some people just have low vitamin D, keep up the good work, I'm doing great.

The guys did a beautiful job outside, I'm going to buy my bat house to attack the mosquitoes. Perfect nights for starting a fire in the chimenea and looking at the stars. I have to find one of those blankets with sleeves for the wife, she's cold already. Went to the funeral home last night, it was nice to be there for our friend. Had a lot a people tell me what a nice job my brother did on the landscaping, had to explain it wasn't my brother who did it, life goes on. The important thing is I have my yard back.


Slammermike said...

I couldn't agree more with the education. They should go back to old school teaching. Many schools are teaching so students pass the test. Not to educate the students. That is like a prevent defense. They play to not loose. They don't play to win.

You got to love doctors.It should have been a clue when he didn't get the shoot horses comment.Sounds like he needs a smack in the back of the head.

So did you give them the name of the landscapers?

awb said...

Slammer - They need us to take over education, get em some good learnin! And yes, I did give the the name, it was on the sign they put in the yard.