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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Circut Court, Senior Picture, Wii Deception, and a Clean Patio

I have to go to court tomorrow, oh joy. It's going to be a trial, I just hope it will be a court trial, not a jury trial, been there, done that. It got to the point that I didn't find triple murder trials interesting, so a simple 2nd degree assault case will be a real yawner. I could always start trouble at the scanners at the main entrance of the courthouse, that has possibilities. I could demand to see Matlock, refuse to stop yelling his name. Or I could do it like I lived my entire life, get in, get out unnoticed, hoping not to run into anyone, except the guys from the sheriff's office. I do like the Matlock scenario. It reminds me of the time a friend flipped over the railing, drunk at the stadium. While waiting to see the doctor, he kept yelling for Quincy, good times!

The boy got his senior pictures, he looks like a man. He looks nothing at all like me, I'm thinking of asking for a blood test. Even if he was the wrong baby at the hospital, at least he's a good looking bloke, couldn't handle ugly kids.

Played the girl in Wii table tennis return challenge. I think I got hustled? I was a whompin and a stompin my way through the game. She was complaining she never did that badly, I told her to suffer, take it like a man, just like when she was 3 and I beat her little ass in shoots and ladders. She says, one more game, champion of all time, and proceeds to knock me back into the 1950's! Game on, I must break her!

Cleaned up the patio today, all the things the mulch dudes picked up from the yard, and we put there from closing the pool. We are shit accumulators, I've decided that, just this afternoon really. We had everything but a one armed monkey and a shot glass out there. Got to work on putting things away when we're finished with them.


Slammermike said...

You better watch out going to the Courts tomorrow. They'll send you to a court to work. Of course you'd enjoy it.

The photo looks great. What happen to the kid with his tongue sticking out on the bumper cars???

She didn't hook you into playing for money or a car on the last game. You have to be careful about that stuff. She will real you in. I may not be too smart but I'd watch for a scam like. that.

If you need a shot glass I think I can help you out. My monkey has 2 arms but if you want I can cut one off and let you have the monkey.

unclebud said...

You didn't publish any of those with the bowling ball that would have invited comparisons. Great pictures, every one, but he's still a solid ass. How are your hands? They must be preventing you from contacting me.How can you trust a doctor that doesn't understand the horses reference? Did he think you looked like Richard Harris?

awb said...

Slammer - That kids still there, he just doesn't lose his underwear anymore. He doesn't lose them any less either!

UB - Now are you talking about a man called horse, or a horse called Richard? It does make a difference. Either way, they both look like Richard Harris. As for the hands, don't ask! Oh, you already did. They be hands, or so they resemble.


Anonymous said...

Handsome son.....get the blood test.

awb said...

Anne - Thanks for that boost! That's like the old Benny Hill joke. He says goodnight mother of 3. She snaps back, goodnight father of 1.