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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wrong Message Ads, Boy Bowls On, and Missing Family Time

Have you seen those commercials for the different companies, most of them attorneys, telling you to contact them if you have accumulated too much debt? Interesting concept, buy too much, we can settle your debt for pennies on the dollar. Sweet! Kids, come in here and see this! Let's teach them they can do whatever they want, especially spend more money then they have. We already filled their heads with participation trophies and everyone is equal. Let me tell you, we aren't equal and we all know it! There are things you can do that I am horrible at, and likewise I'm sure. We are going to pay the price if we don't start showing our kids responsibility, you have to work hard, be good with money, accept we are all different, but that we should all have the same basic opportunities.

The boy finished in the middle of the pack, 600 something of 1,100 or so on day one. Not too shabby for having hurt his ankle, but we have tried to teach him things happen, it's up to you to do what you will with it. I think it's funny though, if he were home, and it was time to cut the grass, he may have a hard time with his ankle being all busted up? He is doing great though, a couple of his friends are with him, the one guy, who just mad the age, is in 21st place, well done. The entire group went out to dinner, and I hope are calling it an early night, for the parents sake!

It was a splediferous day here in central Maryland, high temperature, but low humidity, rare for mid July. Turned the air off last evening, low 50's last night, and more expected tonight. Nights like this in the summer I miss my parents living up the street. We would spend the day there swimming, eating, family would be there, then in the evening we would sit on their screened in porch, just being together. I guess time changes those things, the shape my family is in, we probably wouldn't spend the time together if they all still lived here. I wonder if they remember we had such fun together? Oh well, at least I remember it that way.


Libby said...

andy, i'm sure they remember it a lot, & probably wonder if you do too! & good job on the bowling...good thing he wasn't home, you might ask him to mow, & then it would've been broken...

Anne said...

Hi Andy:

We are having cooler weather here in PA too, but of course, all good things must end. T-Storms coming today and tomorrow from the South --thanks a lot for sending them up.

Re: Son's foot - get the extra calcium supps going so he starts rebuilding bone health and he won't be plagued with "old injury pains" all his life! Check my blog for doses.

Memories: It is nice to have childhood memories of happier times and I am jealous of the closesness that I read of other families because I didn't have that growing up. Probably because of that, I gravitated to friends' and their families and those are the memories that I cherish.

Have a great day enjoying the coolness (and almost no humidity!)


Cranky said...

Andy - weather here in Massachusetts has been lovely but cool. We're finally out of the rain pattern, but didn't really get above 70 yesterday, and it's been in the mid 50s every morning waking up.

It's good you had those times in the past with your family. I can understand why you miss them.

Herrad said...

Hi Andy,

Came by to say hello hope you are doing well and enjoying the summer.


awb said...

Libby - If he was home, he would be on the sofa, in traction, with a bell to ring for service!

Anne - He will be fine, look at me, I did a hundred times and I turned out fine. Oh my, I'm going to buy him a cow.

Cranky - Weather is strange here again. We went from raining everyday, to being in a drought.

Herrad - It's always good to see you! Things are plodding along, but no huge complaints, so that's a good thing.