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Monday, July 13, 2009

The Boy's Bowling, Forgot My Rebif , and Swimming Pool Repair

The wife and boy are at the first night of competition, he just got started. It should be interesting, he was in the hospital last night, twisted his ankle stepping off the curb! It's his left ankle, I thought that made it worse, he says, no, if it had to happen, it was good it was that one. The wife is going to have an ulcer, she really gets wrapped up in it. I do too, but I don't show it as much as she does. I told him I want to see him take his time, look around, do his best, and above all else, have fun! I also told him to every once in a while check his mother's pulse!

I've been doing injections at home for about 12 years now. I did something I haven't done in that 12 years, I forgot to do it last night! In the old days I would have panicked, been on the phone calling around for an answer, but I didn't do it this time. I got online and found about a gazillion answers to my "missed my rebif injection" google. Turns out not to be that big a deal, I take it tonight, Wednesday, and Saturday, then next week go back to my Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday schedule. Can't believe I forgot, the daughter remind me, so it's her fault!

Made the arrangements for the pool liner to be replaced. They are coming Thursday, we went up and bought the liner today. I was putting it off, in part because I wanted to make sure the wife was up to taking care of it, I don't think I am going to be the primary this year, and the cost. It's not so much that it was too expensive, but because of the economy if we should. I worry too much sometimes about money, even though I take care of the bills now, I guess it has to do with not having worked for over 12 years. Anyway, we will have it done on Thursday, and the wife will be able to take a dip on Sunday, she has earned it!


Libby said...

oh, andy, good luck to you & your wife on the pool! and to the boy about his ankle!! and, wow, that's weird that you were in this 12 year habit, then forgot one!!

Cranky said...

Andy - good luck for your son's competition. I know what you mean about the economy giving you pause before spending money on something like your pool liner. I am having those thoughts as well.

awb said...

Libby - I didn't forget to do the shot, I didn't know what day it was! I'm clueless as to what day of the week, or the date is, a real hermit!

Cranky - Thanks, he did well, never as well as he wants. Mom said he did great. I keep seeing the unemployment rate going up, homes turning up empty, makes me take a gulp!


Stuff could always be worse said...

I am the same about my injections, as you are.
Hope you can get that pool going, my Dad is going to turn his into a garden next year.
My blog has a poster giveaway, you might have some summer photos that would be great.

Libby said...

andy, maybe it was a cruise hangover!!

awb said...

Libby - Which part, the boy falling off the curb, or me forgetting to take my shot? And for the record, I never fell off a curb sober!


Anonymous said...

Great Bermuda photos!

Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis said...

I have forgotten my shots before too. Sometimes it is hard to remember if you have taken them or not. as for your son, I hope is ankle is doing better. As for the pools.... I am super jealous. I know the economy sucks but by having a pool at home it is very good for MS and it gives a whole entire Summer's worth of fun for free. That is of course after it is paid off!!!LOL

awb said...

Kim - Cool idea with the poster give away!

Anne - Thanks, we really had fun. A drive to Baltimore is worth it, no flight, and boom, you're cruising!

Tara - We love it, especially at night. It really does help cool me down, and it's not that much to take care of.