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Friday, July 31, 2009

Vegas Vacation, Artifact Dig, and Race on the Big Screen

The wife and boy made it to Vegas with no problems, that's a good thing, I like good things. The wife was a nervous wreck, 90 lbs of balling balls and she she sees a problem with the luggage? 30 lbs each as carry one, 30 in the luggage, done is done! The boy had practice tonight, made 7 - 10 split, he's pumped. The wife is hitting the casino to win some money, have a drink, and relax a bit. I told her to be careful, there may be gigolos in the casinos, preying on women. She told me she sure hoped so. Ouch! The boy bowls at 6 pm tomorrow, keep your fingers crossed.

I'm going to go look for arrowheads tomorrow, a friend is building a house, he's found all kinds of things. His parents live next door in a house built in the early 1700's, so it's an old area. I think his dad has a metal detector, he's going to let me borrow it. Why wouldn't he we haven't gotten arrested together 30 years, so we can be trusted to play nice. I want to see what kind of things are there, maybe muscat balls, arrowheads, or even buttons. 2 things amaze me, we had wild Indians warring in our area at some point, and we have deer, 200 lb wild animals running around our neighborhood, now! That is so cool.

I don't claim to be the smartest man in the country, I leave that to the politicos, they are sure of lots of things. They are sure one of the biggest fixes we needed was for the Professor, the cop and the President to have a beer, bury the hatchet. Cool, that will fix the problems the black community perceive. I for one would want to attack the murder rates in our cities. Our young men are dropping like flies. 5 just this past week in Baltimore, and that's just the number that was killed, 3 times as many shot! 130 murdered for the year so far. I think it's horrible when white cops hassle black men for no reason, but look at the larger picture here, people are dying, 1000's of them a year.


Slammermike said...

Where are you going to looking for artifacts?

I bet they were a blast with the Skycaps at the airport.

She'll have to watch those gigolos. They like to point things out. Make sure she knows when ever they point something out.....

Libby said...

he made the 7 - 10?? very impressive!!
and i heard about the shooting at a cookout? last week in baltimore...very sad...

Anonymous said...

Metal detecting....what a nice calm solitary hobby you can do alone and still find neat stuff.

Take a cell phone along.....someone has to come and pick you up when you find you have wandered sooooo far from home.

The guys here have done it, and always phone home because they are too tired to walk back over the ground they have already exhaustingly searched (and usually found JUNK!)

A good hobby for you - you should look into it.

awb said...

Slammer - Better picture would have been Jackie OJ-ing her way through the terminal, carrying a 30 lb carry on over her shoulder!

Libby - Our cities are war zones, and we are arguing semantics.

Anne - Junk? Did you say junk? I'm sure you meant to say treasurers! I'm not likely to wonder too far a field, but I will definitely have my phone, and probably my lunch with me. It's also my friends back yard!

froggysoprano said...

Are you going to drive through the lawn? It has been raining, perfect for lawn destruction. I forgot Joe was driving wasn't he, Mr, Innocent.