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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Family Visit, The Wife's Jewelry, and Weight Woes

The sister came by with one of the nieces, always good to see them. They were in town over night, stayed with the brother, stopped by on their way home for lunch. We went to one of the local ptomaine taverns, had our daily allocation of grease. Would have liked to have more then the time we had, but I've learned to be happy with what you get. Probably won't see them until the holidays, not too sure I will see them then, so I'm almost sorry I mentioned how much my sister looks like the one grandmother! Went over like a fart in church, but she does. The only one who resembles her more is the father, just with more hair!

The wife thought she lost her jewelry in Vegas, or on the plane, or someplace. She had me look all over the house, it's easy to spot, she keeps her jewelry in freezer bags. I searched high and low, nothing to be found. She was only worried about one thing, a gold watch she had from the children of a skating program she ran for years. I told her, this is why I don't lavish expensive rocks on her, she'd only loose them! Like so many times, my humor went right over her head, must have, because she didn't laugh? All's well, she found it, so her outfits won't have to go unaccessorized!

I hear you're supposed to limit meat portions to the size of your fist? Times like this I wish I had bigger hands! I need to get serious about eating better, really need to drop 5 or 90 lbs! Called to make an appointment for a MRI and the girl ask my weight. I told her about 300 lbs, and she wanted to know if I meant about 298, or 302? I said I was sorry, I was 301. She thanked me and went on with the rest of her questions. Anyway, I'd like to get down to a respectable weight by October when we renew our vows. I'm thinking in the 270's would be nice, I'd love to be down in the teens, but I wasn't driving the last time I was that small. People are always shocked to find out I weigh that much, most times they guess I'm around 290!


Slammermike said...

Boy I thought you were going to say she lost her Bling at the casinos. I'm glad she located she her jewelry.

The people that run the MRIs and x-ray machines tell me the tables can't handle 300 lbs. So if you are 300 lbs and 1 oz No Photos for you.
You'd think the machines would be made to handle normal sized people.

awb said...

Slammer - Whilst cruising, I partook in a wheelchair to make ambulation easier. Gopher gets on the phone, tells the guy he needs a chair, looks me up and down, says a BIG one!

Slammermike said...

Just like Rodney ..... No respect

Libby said...

geez, just think...if she'd had a big win in vegas, she could've just bought all new 'bling', and that would have been fun too!

Anne said...

Years ago when I first started using wheelchairs, I had to be padded in them because there was so much room that I slid hither and yon. Pillows pillows everywhere.

Now, I don't need to be padded in them...I come fully equipped.

Glad the jewelry was found. I myself go the cheap jewelry route - we spend our money on more important housing.

awb said...

Libby - I don't know if she didn't win, she may not come home, and get all new jewelry too!

Anne - I can't identify with that one, I've always be a skinny lard ass!