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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Doctor Day Done, Out of Town Family Visit, and Viva Las Vegas Bowling

Had my Doctor day, went off without a hitch. Both the spine doctor and the dentist told me I was the best patient they've ever had! Well, they didn't tell me I wasn't? The dentist was able to save the tooth that broke off, said he didn't want to preach, but like he told me 12 years ago, I need a crown on that tooth, pretty hard sell. The spine dude did his thing, told me if I'm better before next Thursday just cancel. I think they only give you a third of the meds each time so you have to return. I need to go for blood work, maybe I will do that bright and early, be done for the week.

Had family in from out of town, went out to dinner, it was nice. Caught up on everything, caught them up. Afterwards we sat around the house talking. My kids can't get over how much I look like my uncle, even more how much I sound, and have his mannerisms. It's never long enough, we hadn't even started to see who could tell the best lie when the night was over. Nobody lives close anymore. The parents are on the eastern shore, aunt in Harrisburg, Pa, uncle on eastern shore, another one in Medfield, MA. I miss the family times, they were the best, it's just different now. So we take what can get, when we can get it.

The wife and boy leave for Las Vegas in the morning, Junior bowling championship #2. They are both excited, him about the bowling, her about not driving 10 hours. The flight leaves BWI at 9:15, so we will be leaving here about 7am. I didn't get up that early to go to work! I told the boy, no sprained ankles, the final round is on ESPN next Wednesday. I hope he has a great time, does his best, and finishes in a spot he is happy with. We love him, and are already proud of him, so there isn't a lot more to be said. I also hope the wife wins a few million on one of the slot machines, and comes home rich to papa! I will miss them both, killing me to have to miss another event, I hope they understand I want to be there.


Slammermike said...

I hope she wins a truckload of money and he takes the crown. Let us know if he makes the broadcast on ESPN

Anonymous said...

I find when I am not able to travel with the crowd, I keep in touch by cellphone. Often. Like every couple of hours. No concern for the bills at all. After all, family is more important than phone bills. Reaching out and touching someone and all that stuff.

That way, they are glad I am not along for the trip and I still get the daily highlights while still fresh in their minds.


awb said...

Slammer - If she wins a boatload of cash, we all go to the top, providing she takes me!

Anne - Reminds of the time we went to Dollywood and the boy tried to talk me into one more ride, just one. I wiped my eyes, he wanted me,me I tells ya, me. What he wanted was me in the motorized cart so he didn't have to stand in line!


Anonymous said...

sounds like us at Disneyworld! Same story. I'm only in demand when I am down. LOL