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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pool Party Probably, Viewings Are Over, But Friends Stick Strong

Pool dudes came today, rather large fella, 3 of his rather large sons, and a little skinny guy that appeared to do all of the work. It was $395 to do the job, and they were here about an hour, so it would have been cheaper to have my neuro put the new liner in! Good news is I know it's done right, and if there's a problem, we call them back to fix the. We also got new steps, they call them wedding cake steps, yeah, they look like a wedding cake, tiers, you know the drill. The thought is it will be easier for me, more like a stairway as apposed to a ladder. Also make it nicer for the old codgers when they amble in. Like said, I now pay to have things done, ore they don't get done, I'll be swimming tomorrow!

The girl had a rough time yesterday at the viewing. These men and women she has heard how tough they are cried like little kids. A few embraced each other and just sobbed. It was heart breaking on many levels, especially for a 21 year old to see a 25 year she has known her whole life, laying in the casket. It was a tear jerker for all of us, but it was one of those chores that has to be done, if you're one of the good guys. We didn't make it any more tolerable for them, they did get to see we were there for them, but I'm not so sure time will even heal this wound.

It was good to see who all should up last night. There were people from the courthouse, at least one of the judges, tons of clerks,a majority of the active deputy sheriffs, and even a fair number of retired ones as well. One of the fears our friends had was that no one would show up, well there was standing room only, so that fear turned out to be baseless We will take turns, our group, checking in on them, going out with them, spending time acting like a friend. Good news is we are, and have been for so long, such good friends, we will know if it's wanted, or if it's time for them to grieve alone. And if we miss it, they will tell us the leave them the hell alone,but we will continue until we are told to stop. We love these 2, and offer whatever we have for them.


Slammermike said...

It was a very emotionally draining week and memorial service. It was tough because we saw her grow up from a small toddler to a young lady. We saw her in good times and bad. Each of the children in our group is like one of my own. I know everyone in the group feels the same way about my kids. Everyone wants to help but wants to respect their space. It is a tough tightrope to walk.

I agree the turnout at the funeral home was good to see. It was a strong show of support. I know that when Rick spoke there wasn't a dry eye in the room. And his message of what we could do for him was to go home and hug our kids.
It has been a rough week. But it doesn't end after the funeral. And this group will be there for the long run as always.

awb said...

Amen Brudda!

Miss Jackie's FAVORites said...

Double Amen!!