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Friday, July 17, 2009

In-Laws, Working In the Yard, and MS Stealing My Legs

Went to the in-laws for dinner tonight, they tried to kill me with food! The mother-in-law cooks a mean roast beef and carrots. We ate desert, dessert, we had sweets 3 times. We sat around and talked about the situation the world is in, and how I will fix it when I'm put in charge, or take over, doesn't matter to me, pool, pond, either way. The girl had a realization, she saw that her grandmother is starting to forget. I was very proud of the way she handled it.

Me and the girl had a forced labor camp today putting those damn swimming pool steps together. I officially call for a new body, because like Rodney said, this sucks I tell ya, it sucks! It took forever to do what used to take no time at all, did get the opportunity to show the girl she can do anything, always have, that's why she will be my assistant when I take over. Followed the directions online, bought a floor model, no paper directions, can't pass up a bargain, filled the ballast with pee gravel, and I'm not sure I like them? You wanna talk about being pissed!

I get down on the ground now, or the floor, and I can't quite figure out how to get up? Working outside today I felt like one of those beached whales you see on discovery channel, not able to jump, so I rolled to something I could pull myself up on. Wendy Ward charm school it wasn't! I shouldn't complain, I can still get up, but all that means is I have the knowledge it's getting harder, and it is. With each project it seems I'm finding new obstacles, and I don't like it. Had a nice week with just the girl, but it's time for everyone to be home again!


Diane J Standiford said...

Yeah, getting up...if it's any consolation I can assure you that getting DOWN becomes MUCH easier as time goes on, LOL I started noticing SITTING UP was hard, then on and on. I just started some great core exercises, faux pilates, that has really helped. What's that saying...? Oh right: MS SUCKS! hahahahahaha

awb said...

Diane - I have the getting down mastered, I call that "FALL" pilates!


froggysoprano said...

I don't have MS and I have trouble getting up or down. Anemia is doing some of it but B12 shots are supposed to be fixing that. Arthritus in my knees is doing the rest. Complaining won't fix things but it sure helps let off steam. Should I add old age is not fun. Stick with whatever helps you. I want to see if the pool will help my problem, wouldn't that be great? When I move in we can get a covered pool.

Stuff could always be worse said...

Doesn't the heat always do that to us MSers. Cannot take the heat but the food sounds good.

Have Myelin? said...

I hate the heat too- have you tried a cooling vest? The local MS Chapter gave me one and it's amazing when it comes to yard work.

Unfortunately I don't have a yard anymore!

Libby said...

andy..."pee gravel, and I'm not sure I like them? You wanna talk about being pissed!" ...first you talk about pee gravel, then you talk about being pissed...everything is 'pissing' you off lately, right??

awb said...

Froggy - Jackie saw the part about you moving in and passed out! She actually said she can't wait.

Kim - I starting a MS commune, above the artic circle, no more heat and humidity!

Myelin - I shall check my local chapter, they usually just ask me for money.

Libby - I gots to be me, and yes, most things do make me feel that way!

Thanks for stopping in everyone,


Anonymous said...

I went to dinner with granddaughter and her brood tonight. One bite and off to the ladies to throw up. Now I wonder if I saw the right doctor . The baby girl was in a evil mood and Mom slapped her because she needed it. She slapped her right back twice and then pinched her. Needless to say not a good experience. Granddaughter asked tearfully how do you handle this? I have no magic answer so maybe we just trade off one set of problems for another as we get older. Hopefully you will shake this latest bad time off quickly. I don't want to move in with J, ease her mind. You don't get the covered pool either so there. Behave yourself.